Artist signatures and monograms

By Milton Esterow. Whistler changed the way he signed his works with his name and monogram at least 12 times. Who says so? John Castagno. Since he has compiled 55, signatures and monograms—most of them readable, some of them strange, ambiguous, or illegible—and published them in ten volumes.

Four of his compilations were released last May. There are also signatures, monograms, and initials that are sometimes difficult to decipher. At some point, now and then, you feel mentally burned out. I stop and take a nap and start again when I wake up. I do this 95 percent of my waking hours at home. I admit to it. Findlay pointed out that one of the most impressive features in the book is the section devoted to differentiating between works by artists sharing the same last name who signed their work with only that last name.

Smith, an American. At 77, Castagno is an amiable, energetic man of medium height. Besides being a compiler of directories, he is also an artist, art dealer, and lecturer.

Born in Philadelphia, he left school to work with his father. Fleisher Art Memorial, the Barnes. I did multimedia and hard-edge. I had a one-man show that traveled around the country in the s, but I stopped painting in I was buying and selling art. I felt I could fill a gap.We invite you to search our Artist Signature Library and hope you find it an interesting and helpful resource. As always, if you are in need of a fine art consultation or appraisal, please contact us.

We do not comment on images or appraise artworks via email. Menu Toggle navigation. Contact Us. Artist Signature Library. Abelard, Gesner. Acheff, William. Adams, Ansel.

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Adams, Kenneth Miller. Addari, Elayne. Adickes, David Pryor. Adrion, Lucien. Afsary, Cyrus.

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Agam, Yaacov. Agonstini, Tony.

artist signatures and monograms

Albers, Josef. Albracht, Gregg. Alcantara, Mario Zamora. Alechinsky, Pierre. Alexander, John. Alexander, John White. Alexander, Peter. Allen, Jere Hardy.

Alt, Duane. Altman, Helen. Amendolla Gasparo, Luis Ricardo. Amsel, Pearl. Ancher, Michael Peter. Anderbouhr, Paul-Jean. Anderson, Carolyn. Anderson, Tom. Anzalone, William. Appel, Karel.From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

Monograms of visual artists used as signatures on their art. Subcategories This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total. Media in category "Monograms of artists" The following 41 files are in this category, out of 41 total. Auhausen St. Maria gf. Bad Koetzting Ludwigstr 14 Hans Baldung - autograph in the painting Markgraf Christoph I. Carl Larsson signature. Nadine Cosentino. Cranach autograph. Jean-Marc Ehanno,signature. Firma Michele Ricciardi. GJ-DH monogram. Hans von Aachen.

Suzette Holtens monogram Jean-Marc Ehanno, signature 2. Kandinsky autograph. Kandinsky's signature from Klagenfurt St. Peter Welzenegg Gottscheer Strasse 1 Filialkirche hl. Ulrich Monument Baron Kaiserstein Detail Marque du Portement de croix d'Anvers.

Monogram of Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale cropped. Monogram of James Blomfield. Monograma Arturo. Monogramme Wendel Dietterlin. NeustrelitzStadtmodell Oberhaching Musikantenbrunnen 4.

artist signatures and monograms

Park an der Wahnfriedallee - Daphne 6. Firmas de Rembrandt. Signature of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Signum Balthasar Jenichen Spitzweg autograph. Toulouse-Lautrec monogram. Watteau autograph. Monogram Hendrik Leys Categories : Monograms by subject Signatures of artists Signatures of painters Artists. Namespaces Category Discussion. Views View Edit History.John Castagno's published twelve comprehensive signature dictionary-style directories over the past twenty years, all of which are currently available from Scarecrow Press.

These include directories of signatures and monograms for American and European artists active from to the present, illustrators, Old Masters, Latin American artists, abstract artists, and even two directories of monograms and indiscernible artist signatures for use in identifying signatures you either can't read or ones on art that's signed with monograms, symbols, in certain foreign languages, or with other illegible markings.

In short, if you need help either deciphering, identifying, or confirming artist signatures, you need John Castagno's reference book help. If an online artist signature database is more your cup of tea, you can also access Castagno's life work via the Internet at Artists Signatures. The database contains 55, signature examples by 50, artists-- one stop shopping for all your artist signature identification needs.

Signature catagories include monograms, "illegibles" signatures you can't readsymbols, alternative names that artists sometimes sign, cyrillic Russian signatures, and prakrit Indian signatures. Artists' birth and death years are often noted helpful when the art you're researching is datedand if that's not enough, you'll find thousands of signature examples of artists who are not listed in standard references like Who's Who in American Art, Who Was Who in American Art, Benezit, Mantle Fielding's Dictionary of American Artists, Thieme-Becker, H.

Vollmer, and similar art reference publications. You can use Artists Signatures as a research tool in several ways. For instance, if you know the name of the artist and either want to verify the signature or view available signature examples, you can check the database at no charge to see whether that artist's name is listed. If you locate the name, you can view the signature examples in exchange for a certain number of credits credits range in price from about 10 to 60 cents each depending on which purchase plan you choose.

If, on the other hand, you are trying to identify a monogram, symbol, or illegible signature, you can view all relevant database examples at no charge to see whether any match the one you're researching. If you find a match, then as above, you can view the artist's name for a certain number of credits. Either way preliminary database access is free; you only pay for the specific artist names or signature examples you need.

To access the John Castagno online signature database, go to Artists Signatures To purchase any or all of John Castagno's signature directories in hard copy, go to the Scarecrow Press website and type "Castagno" into the search box to learn about or order any or all of his twelve titles.

Scarecrow Press, Forbes Blvd. Or call Scarecrow Press, Lanham, MD, Approximately 2, artists with more than 3, signature examples. Approximately 2, artists and 3, signature examples. Approximately 3, artists and 4, signature examples. Still stumped? Many people are. So try Artist Signature Identification from Artbusiness. You only pay when the name is positively identified.

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55,000 Signatures and Counting

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Home FAQ Contact. Artist Name. Change to advanced search. First Name. Last Name. Use the slider to limit to artists who were alive at the time you estimate the painting is from. Current total results: 0. Check this box to also include the many artists we have with no country information. Russian Federation. United Kingdom. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Czech Republic. Faroe Islands. Holy See Vatican. Isle of Man. San Marino. North America. United States of America. Antigua and Barbuda.To identify artist signatures on paintings, locate the signature or the monogram on the painting, and note the painting type.

Use John Castagno's signature directories available from Scarecrow Press or as an online database on the Artists' Signatures website to verify signatures or identify symbols, monograms and illegible signatures. If the artwork is of local origin, contact a local art gallery owner, museum curator or historian.

To locate the signature or monogram of the artist, check the painting's margins or backside. Sometimes, the name of the artist, the title and the year are printed on the painting's reverse side. In case of framed artworks, remove the backing to access this information.

John Castagno's 12 signature directories include a list of monograms, indiscernible signatures and signatures of illustrators, abstract artists and artists from Europe, America and Latin America active from the s till the present times.

To purchase these directories, access the Scarecrow Press website, and type Castagno in the search box on the top right corner. The Artists' Signatures website is a database containing 55, signature examples that correspond to 50, artists. To use this site, type in the artist's name. Filter the search using the options under Featured Categories.

Click on the name of the artist from the list, and log in to your account to view the full profile of the artist. To identify symbols, illegible signatures and monograms on this database, click on Reverse Lookup, and choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.

View the database examples arranged alphabetically, and match with the one being researched. On the Artists' Signatures website, preliminary access is free.

artist signatures and monograms

A nominal payment is required to access particular signature examples and artists' names. More From Reference.