Best evo 9 mods

But with so many modifications available, where do you start? Bigger pipes mean better performance from your Evo… and a better noise! Evos have pretty decent air intakes as standard, but you can optimise your air flow with a replacement filter. Better air intakes allow you to increase the flow rate, boosting the performance of your Evo with very little effort.

Alternatively, you can replace the intake pipe with a smooth silicone hose. This Evo upgrade has shown to make a significant improvement to performance as the pipe feeds air directly into the turbine unit. Upgrading camshafts helps improve lift and duration, raising both low end and peak power. If you want to boost power across the rev range, you might as well upgrade the whole system, including the valve springs and vernier camshaft gears.

This will give you much better control when you make use of all that extra power. Turbo upgrades can boost the performance of your Evo, but you need to be smart in how you pick one. So while it may give you a boost in horsepower, the loss of low rpm torque and rpm torque on boost can make your Evo slower in some situations. If you fancy upgrading your turbo manifold, be wary of models prone to cracking.

Some stainless steel models will be a waste of money if you keep having to replace them. While the stock fuel pump will serve your Evo well, as soon as you start increasing the power, your pump will be put to the test.

Ideal for getting the fuel you need, faster. Reflashing your ECU enables the fuel, ignition, boost and many other features to be altered to virtually any levels of modification. As you continue to mod your Evo, the need to replace your ECU becomes a question of when, not if.

When you reflash your ECU, your modifications can be tuned so modifications in air flow, speed limiters, and boost limiters are no longer an issue.

best evo 9 mods

Getting rid of weight is a go-to way of improving your performance without having to tinker with the engine. Replacing parts with carbon fibre where possible can give you considerable weight savings, meaning better performance. Evos are some of the most popular cars to modify and provide easy and rewarding performance increases as a result.Remember Me?

Home What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Injectors arent included in the Stage 1 but I suppose I'd get cc injectors after that too And would you guys recommend I get that put in and fuel managed at RoadRace? I want to be at about to the wheels.

Considering what mods I have, do I have the correct mod path in mind or is there a better way to go? Thanks Guys O0. He can flash it for you. O0 about you want whp, well stop being a dyno racer. IF the car feel good to you, that's all it matters.

Do I need to buy him In n Out? Originally Posted by philthyevo. Originally Posted by thisxguy. Terry S. I humbly bow out. Originally Posted by Terry S. We basically talk to the customer, see how much they can afford and figure out a proper tuning package. No matter what parts you put into your car, you should have it tuned to have all the parts properly work together. Check out The Kip Report www. Originally Posted by lagcisco.Who does not love Lancer Evolution?

People all over the world love this affordable and compact sedan. The sporty look of this car has huge goodwill in the market. Lancer Evolution puts other sports cars behind with a powerful performance. The Mitsubishi lancer evolution is a sports sedan car by the Japanese automotive manufacturer. The basis of Evolution is found in the previous Mitsubishi Lancer model.

There are ten variations of this car model with Roman numeral denoting each. It is packed with an AWD system for those looking forward to drive a rally car. The US got the chance to try the 8th generation Evolution model in The fans were left wondering which Evo is the best for purchase.

It is the reason why the lancer evolution has huge fans around the world. The blog below will help you know about the different Evo models. You can also browse online to find the best car review for any car model. Mitsubishi Lancer fans wonder which is the best lancer Evo model. Lancer Evolution X comes with many features and technology.

The car offers an impressive horsepower engine with fast twin-clutch transmission. The AWD control in this car is worth the price. Evo X comes with an Active Yaw Control. It helps to change the torque between the left and right wheels of the vehicle. Evolution X is the first choice for those looking to drive a racing car.

The first of the Evo models available in the US. Evo VIII is available in four trim models. It comes with performance and comfort upgrades. It has an aluminum roof panel and a powerful 4G63 engine under the hood. Evo VIII is the best option to enjoy those long drives on the highway. It offers a wide track and a powerful brake system. The car packs a 5-brake manual system. It has a horsepower turbo engine.

The modern AWD system in this car makes it a perfect option. Evo V is an ideal choice for those looking to drive down a windy dirt road. The Evo VI packs modern cooling and a powerful engine. It has a titanium aluminide turbine wheel in the turbocharger for a powerful performance.

The users of this model adore the looks of the car. The perfect combination of color, looks, performance, and comfort make it the best of all. There you have it! These Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution models are an ideal choice. One should understand the features to make the choice worth.Many people start at the engine, some begin with the suspension, and others make visual mods first. While there is no wrong way of doing it, one very important aspect of the ride that should not be left alone are the brakes.

Here is a short list of items to consider upgrading from the braking system. It's simple. They allow your brake system to perform much better thanks to higher quality materials often passed up by the manufacturer due to cost.

Below, we'll explain why each component is important, and why you need to install these parts! The biggest piece of the braking puzzle, your brake pads provide friction to the rotational movement of the brake rotors, which effectively slow you down.

This type of pad is great for the daily driver who still see's a bit of action on the track. Probably one of the most overlooked brake component, the brake line is responsible for bringing brake fluid to the calliper. Most of the static brakes lines on your car are steel, but at the wheels they transfer to rubber which allows for movement as you travel over obstacles.

Heavy braking causes brake fluid to heat up, making this rubber soft and vulnerable to expansion. This can have an adverse effect on braking power and reliability. The stainless steel braiding also protects the hose from cuts and damaging debris.

Driving in heavy traffic isn't as fun as ripping around the track with the pedal to the metal, but both can be just as damaging as the other in regards to brake fluid.

Extreme braking especially in hot conditions can be hell on brake fluid. We wont get into the science behind it, but movement inside the brakes lines causes it to heat up, which is very dangerous and can lead to a soft brake pedal and unresponsive brakes!

The best way to remedy this is by replacing the factory fluid with a high quality, non-silicone based synthetic DOT4 approved fluid. These types of fluids all have a higher boiling range, which means they wont heat up and will provide much faster brake pedal response without the "spongy" feeling found with stock fluid.

best evo 9 mods

We recommend Motul fluids, and they're all we've used in our builds! By now you're probably noticing a common trend involving brakes and heat. Brake rotors see just as much heat as the pads, so it's important to keep them cool. Heat causes rotors to wear prematurely, warp, and in some cases even crack. The best rotors come in either slotter, drilled, or both drilled and slotted patterns. These special patterns allow the rotor to remain cool under intensed driving conditions.The EVO is a scalpel among butter knives.

best evo 9 mods

Hellacious, visceral and ball busting are a few adjectives that come close to describing the Lancer Evolution driving experience. As rewarding as the EVO is out of the box, few cars make more willing boost-up partners.

Our mission is to take an '06 EVO IX and make pure, reliable power with a Zen-like balance of hardware and software, and do it in a highly cost-effective manner. Best of all, our endeavor will also show techniques that relate to modding almost every turbo car. Boost junkies, pay attention. We can download, examine and rewrite the stock chip virtually an unlimited amount of times before any issues arise. We have access to all the fuel, ignition and MIVEC maps, with full programmability and not just a percentage of this or that.

Upon completion, we re-flashed the ECU back to stock and broke out the wrenches to begin our budget build. Cone Filters vs.

best evo 9 mods

Intake Kits Why There are four basic types of intake upgrades: drop-in panel replacements, add-on cone filter kits, short-ram kits, and cold-air kits. Sporadic idling has been attributed to short-ram and cold-air kits that replace the factory piping with hard pipe-if the hard pipe promotes vibrations that confuse the air meter, it can send a false signal.

The filter can also contribute to these problems. A closed, flat-top cone filter hinders vortices to the meter, while an open-top filter allows the air better access to the metering element. Think about airflow and the harsh effects of restricting it. With a few exceptions, drop-in panel filters can't match the flow capacity of cone-type replacements, and factory airboxes stamp out most audible evidence that you have a turbo under the hood-and who doesn't like to hear turbos spooling and bypass valves venting?

Using an add-on cone filter kit on an EVO has many advantages over a pipe-and-filter system, short-ram, or cold-air system. Since there is no need to upgrade the BOV, it makes sense to leave the stock piping intact.

Most importantly, a cone setup is about a third of the cost of entry-level short-ram kits. The Buschur Racing cone filter system was a snap to install, and audibly brought the car to life and pushed peak output to hp-a horse jump. A flash update netted an additional two wheel horses and smoothed the graph, offering hp and lb-ft of torque. Exhaust Dynamics Why Before purchasing an exhaust, decide which best suits your vehicle.

Noise level, construction, piping diameter, weight, appearance, muffler chambering, cat-back or turbo-back are some of the bigger factors to consider. We elected to go with Greddy's Racing Ti-C, featuring 80mm stainless piping, a polished stainless-steel canister and a heat-treated titanium tip.

Greddy claims its testing netted a lower-thandb sound rating, its straight-through design makes more power, and fit and finish are second to none-all without breaking the bank. Verdict The Greddy unit sounds awesome when the 4G63 is under duress.

However, it can drone a bit at cruising speeds in Fourth gear. The key is to get into Fifth, because from 2, to 3, rpm the system purrs like a kitten. More sound suppression can be had by installing the included silencer.This forum is for the discussion of technical topics about the Evo.

Inside you'll find dyno graphs, data logs, pictures and other information regarding specific components. You can ask questions about the science and engineering behind an aspect of the evo and receive answers about how things work. You can also find out what the best combination of mods are or at least what works and what doesn't.

This is NOT a help forum! How to disconnect cable This forum is ONLY for advanced topics and theory about implementing large-scale, detail oriented projects like stroker kits, ECU tuning, water injection and what is required in tuning changes to make these types of big power modifications run properly. This is not the place to ask about blow-off valves or exhausts.

Transforming an Abandoned Evo IX!

You may also discuss other drivetrain topics such as drive shafts, transfer cases, clutches etc. Looking for shop for clutch Discussion related to EVO suspensions such as sway bar, alignment, shocks, springs, coilovers. The way components affect handling, tire sizing, wheel sizing and offsets. Discuss brakes, brake pads and anything related to brakes.

For those of you that need Having a problem installing anything at all? Need HELP??? This forum is dedicated to helping you diagnose the problems and install your own mods in your car, whether it be a strange noise, boost leak, fluid leak or putting in your own turbo, exhaust, fuel pump.

Inside more experienced members can guide you in troubleshooting, offer local help, share their experiences or give advice on the best way to install something. AC Not Cold Anymore?????????? A collection of install guides, tech articles, and how-to's posted by members. If you wish to submit a tech article please contact an admin.

Question: Has anyone done Remember Me? Home What's New? Last Post: How to disconnect cable Last Post: Looking for shop for clutch Last Post: For those of you that need Last Post: Question: Has anyone done All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.We find some Evo owners are after more power from their 4G63 engine while others are after better handling or more appealing aesthetics.

I will be speaking in general so please try not to take offense. When I say things like "simple" or "inexpensive" please understand these are relative terms and not meant to make you feel like a newb. Staged upgrades are not something many Evo owners follow but for the sake of keeping this organized I may refer to certain mod packages as stages, get over it!

I believe there is more value to be had by installing a less restrictive Air Intake and a better Boost Controller prior to your first tune.

Mitsubishi Evo 9

This is a point I also made clear in this recent blog post! Drop-in filters are a great solution for some but will leave power on the table once you're over whp. Cold air intake systems will cause issues with your factory MAF readings since they replace your OEM intake pipe and can even cause your car to stall out a proper tune should fix this.

The easy, economical solution, is to replace your stock air box with an open element filter to maximize flow and keep tuning headaches to a minimum. I strongly suggest consulting your tuner to ensure which ever route you take won't make their job any more difficult. Most quality tuners can handle what ever you decide to throw at them so IF your chosen "tooner" gives your grief over your MBC or ECBS please reconsider letting them touch your car.

With many options out there I have a hard time pointing out benefits of one boost controller over another but I have two proven solutions that have never failed me. Turbosmart and Grimmspeed. Although remote tuners can get the job done it does take more time and can become a tedious process of data logging and exchanging emails. At the end of the day I suggest working with a tuner who makes you feel comfortable.

This maybe the type of Tuner who says "give me your keys and sit in the waiting room" or the type who answers all of your concerns so that you fully understand the process.

Again it is all personal preference and as such there is no way to say what is best but we feel Jordan is the best in Minnesota!

7 Essential Modifications Every Evo Needs

These Evo mods, once installed and tuned, are sure to bring a smile to your face and have you on the cusp of a new addiction. Along with these stage 1 necessities there is some optional gauges and accessories I want to discuss in the next blog post so subscribe today and feel free to leave your comments!

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