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When installing an in-ground sprinkler system, you must choose between digging trenches for each length of underground pipe or using a pipe puller to slice through the ground with the pipe. Depending upon your willingness to use a shovel and restrictions of time and money, this choice may be easy.

On the other hand, both methods of installing underground pipe have distinct advantages and disadvantages that should be considered if you are not sure which method to employ.

The primary benefit of using a mechanized pipe puller is that the machine does all of the hard work. By pressing its blade into the ground and dragging a pipe behind it, a pipe puller completely does away with the need to dig trenches for the pipes. Not only does this lessen the amount of manual labor, it lessens the damage to your turf, which will be minimal. While the average front lawn may require up to a full day's work for four men to install pipe, a two man crew with a pipe puller can complete the job in an hour or two.

Not only does this speed up the installation of the system as a whole, but it also lessens the stress on the lawn. Your lawn will recover much more quickly from the installation of your underground system. It is more difficult to maintain proper depth of the pipe when using a pipe puller. Very slight ascending or descending grades in the lawn can have large effects on the pipe puller, which angles its blade higher or lower as it angles up or down.

When this happens, repairing the mistake is difficult. You will have to dig up the trouble area and bypass the pipe if it is too shallow or deep. The most important and serious drawback of using a pipe puller is that its strength allows it to cut through nearly every underground obstacle, often causing massive damage to unmarked electrical, telephone or gas lines. These lines are sometimes guarded by rubber insulation which can be detected and avoided when using a shovel, but a pipe puller offers no warning of impending damage.

You may have to pay huge fines when these lines are struck and damaged. Paul Martin began writing in while studying at Christendom College, Va. Martin holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in history and theology, and is pursuing his Master of Arts in history at National University in California. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

Installing an underground sprinkler system can be an expensive and time consuming operation. Paul Martin. Show Comments.NTS carries a large fleet of both cable and hydraulic pipe pulling units for rental and sale.

The system builds upon traditional cable pipe pullers introducing several safety and productivity advantages. The system is designed with solid bars replacing the typical cable wire, which eliminates the potential for fraying or snapping of a cable wire when placed upon the stress of the pull. The system also features a hydraulic set and release process for the strut that allows the system to be released easily once a pull is complete, as opposed to the hammering typically required to dislodge the strut in most pipe pullers.

Standard duty units are capable of pulling pipe up to ft in diameter, while heavy duty units can pull pipe up to ft in diameter in less than 3 minutes. The unit can be easily adapted to round, elliptical and box culverts.

The unit is also safer than many products on the market eliminating the need for blocks and come-a-longs.

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To see the unit in operation please play the video below or see the link to the operations manual. Traditional cable pullers are designed to sit within a piece of pipe for the purpose of joining an additional pipe segment.

Once the pipe puller is set within the pipe, the cable wire is extended to reach the open end of the next pipe segment. The two wire cables are then attached to the open end using hooks while tension is applied to the wire cable to slowly and safely join the pipe segments. Menu Trench Safety. Traffic Safety. Construction Lasers. Specialty Equipment. Safety Training.Designed to install power and communications lines up to one inch 25 mm in diameter and natural gas, water service and sprinkler systems up to three inches 76 mm in diameter up to 0.

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pipe puller rental

Fort Collins Weicker Dr. Loveland W. Windsor Main St. Windsor, CO Phone: Vibratory Plow Pipe Puller. This item is available at Loveland, Johnstown. Product Details Video. View PDF Document Designed to install power and communications lines up to one inch 25 mm in diameter and natural gas, water service and sprinkler systems up to three inches 76 mm in diameter up to 0.

Self-propelled design for better maneuverability. Feed and pull blades available for installing cable, pipe, and other material. Hydrostatic ground drive provides greater traction, maneuverability, and durability. Related Items. Locations Fort Collins - Lakewood - Littleton - - Windsor - Loveland - Johnstown - Englewood - All Rights Reserved.Rates subjected to change without notice.

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Abuse — We accept normal wear and tear. Damage will be charged for. Tire — Customer is responsible for tire damage or flats. Fuel — All rentals are plus fuel. Minimum Rental — Is one day, unless noted on contract — one day on delivered equipment. Delivery — Call for rates.

Leasee is completely responsible, as our insurance does not cover it while it is in your hands. In case of lost equipment — customer will be billed at list price and rental will continue until equipment is paid for. Rental Charges — You will be charged from the time you check out the tool until it is returned including holidays. If it is delivered, the rental period starts when our truck leaves our yard and ends when the equipment is ready for immediate pick up.

Waiting time will be charged for.

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pipe puller rental

Electric Min. Capacity Plus Capacity Close Menu. Pole Pruner Saw Gas In utility installation work, accuracy is everything. More accuracy means less risk. Completing a utility installation project safely, efficiently and in the least amount of time requires a total awareness of the jobsite environment. The stitch boring method bores from small pits to the next followed by the new product installation. It is the preferred method of many contractors because of the low operating cost per foot of installation, reasonable equipment investment and minimal expertise required for equipment operation.

In addition, due to the minimal surface disruption of the method, cleanup and restoration costs are minimized. We strive to make the safest equipment possible and to provide the best resources on how to use them efficiently and carefully.

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pipe puller rental

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pipe puller rental

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