Road construction cost per m2

Stats SA distinguishes between various types of construction activities, including free-standing houses, townhouses, flats, offices and shopping space.

Nationally, it would cost you an average of R8 per square metre to build flats, according to building plans passed by municipalities in Flats are followed by office space R8 per square metreshopping space R7 per square metretownhouses R6 per square metreand free-standing houses R5 per square metre.

Residential construction i. With the exception of townhouses where Northern Cape holds the number three position the provinces of Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal hold the top three cost positions for all the other building types. No plans were passed for flats in Northern Cape. The picture was starkly different 19 years ago.

However, they held the top three cost positions for only one of the five building types i. Notice how Western Cape has climbed the cost rankings for both townhouses and shopping space? Download the latest Selected building statistics of the private sector as reported by local government institutions, here. Download it here. Construction: what are the costs per square metre?

road construction cost per m2

Notice any provincial patterns in the charts below? Click on the infographic to enlarge. Posted on July 6, Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Publication Schedule Updated! My Municipality Municipal Profiles. Careers Vacancies Internship Bursaries. Stats SA is in the process of updating its database of all users. Kindly participate in this short survey and provide your details.

All details will be kept confidential and is for the use of Stats SA only. What information do you want to receive from Stats SA and how often?Find out more in our guide about tarmac driveway cost and all the available options. If you have been longing for a nice new driveway then why not look into replacing it with a cheap and easy alternative?

There are a number of possible materials to choose from ; clay tiles have an elegant and rustic appeal, while something like gravel is easy and cheap to lay, although somewhat messy. Tarmac tarmacadam is an extremely dark, bituminous material that needs to be laid as a hot liquid and subsequently leveled and compacted to form the right shape and gradient for your driveway.

In a few hours it then must be allowed to cool, during which time the particles bind to form a solid, hard-wearing surface. It may not be the most attractive or elegant looking option, but there are a number of benefits to laying a tarmac driveway. Easy to install : Unlike paved or concrete driveways, tarmac usually can be laid directly onto any existing surface whereas the other materials require a full depth bedding layer before work can even begin, although if you have a lawn this will need to be removed beforehand.

Very quick to lay : A professional driveway installer will mix the tarmac at a high temperature in a proper paving machine and usually get the job done in a matter of hours — which means less disruption for you and any other road or path users who might be affected. Long lasting and incredibly strong and durable : Tarmac is particularly resilient to the weight of heavy vehicles or traffic flow that can otherwise crack or cause breaks in paving and concrete.

Cheap and easy to maintain : Any scratches or dents can be quickly repaired by you or a professional with the correct polish, and even if your driveway suffers extensively you can add a new tarmac layer directly onto the old one — saving you the worry of excavation costs! Easy to edge with other materials : Clay tiles, stone or brickwork, for a neat and attractive finish to your driveway. Weather resistant : Come rain or shine, your tarmac driveway will stay looking as good as new for many years to come!

Need to find professional paver? We can help! Find A Tradesman Driveway Overlay An overlay is a tarmac layer applied over a pre-existing driveway, generally a worn-out tarmac driveway which may be structurally solid but is probably in need of an upgrade.


Overlays are not only faster to install they are also much cheaper. No extra base, sub-base or binding course is required. All minor repairs are done first and after that, a primer is sprayed prior to a mm fine tarmac layer is applied and rolled. To get the best value for money make sure you shop around and compare a number of different tarmac driveway quotes before you settle on a driveway contractor and try to include a guarantee into the final contract as well.

For a 30 square metres driveway with two tarmac layers totaling 75mm base minimum mmthe driveway specialists we questioned quoted the following prices:. Need to build a new driveway? Find A Tradesman Additional costs to consider:. Geotextile membrane: These are large sheets of fabric provide extra ground stabilisation, filtration and drainage.

The cost of installation starts from 0. Sub-base: The sub-page provides strength and load-bearing capability. The cost depends on the material and the thickness. The job should include all the materials, labor and waste disposal elements for the tarmac driveway project. Since it is only good for around 20 years and demands frequent maintenance just about every years, property owners have to also think about what services they have carried out consistently to be able to preserve the strength and effectiveness of an tarmac driveway or some other paved area.

Over the lifespan of your property, this means deciding between a complete driveway replacement and resurfacing, with the second option being significantly less costly.

Tarmac driveways replacement is required if the current surface is in disrepair or the underlying gravel foundation exhibits evidence of deteriorating. Getting rid of and replacing a tarmac can also be required when the correct drainage of the driveway is not attained given that the surface is too flat. When your foundation continues to be solid, you can easily fix cracks and add strength to the surface by just placing a brand new coating over the old layer to resurface the current surface.

For a quick overview of all tarmac paving costs, read what other homeowners are usually asking:.Summary Forecast Stats Download.

METRE in the second quarter of Housing Index in Philippines averaged METRE in the fourth quarter of This page provides - Philippines Housing Sales - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news. Philippines Average Construction Cost - values, historical data and charts - was last updated on March of Housing Index in Philippines is expected to be Looking forward, we estimate Housing Index in Philippines to stand at In the long-term, the Philippines Average Construction Cost is projected to trend around METRE inaccording to our econometric models.

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road construction cost per m2

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Cost of Tarmac roads in Kenya.

Construction Software. Manufactured by: Construction Rates. Product ID: Dataflow Version Compacting Surfaces with 50mm blinding with Compactor Plate Petrol mm 12in.

Compacting Surfaces with 50mm blinding with Compactor Plate Petrol mm 1in. Compacting Surfaces with 50mm blinding with Compactor Plate Petrol mm 2in. Tamping by hand. Tamping by machine. Floating by hand. Floating by machine.For heavy traffic eg super highways, the tarmac is thicker. Dr Alfred Mutua managed to use kes milllion to tarmac 33 km of road. Thika road, designed for heavier traffic, costed kes 31 billion for 50 km of road.

This translates to kes million per km which can be broken into 2 since it has 4 lanes hence around kes m per km. The Southern bypass road,also designed for heavier traffic, with 28km of main carriageway and 22km of service roads, totals 50km at a cost of kes 17 billion. This works out to kes million per km. Machakos County roads. This excessive lifting makes the roads expensive and also reduce the road interaction with businesses at the sides of the roads. In future, these highway designs need to involve the locals so that their needs such as ease of access and ease of customers manouvering their cars to buy goods off the roads are considered.

Thika road design was done by Indian consulting engineering firms which should have designed the road such that it offers easy access to businesses and residences along the road side. Users are forced to stay on the road, hence little access to roadside shops.

This leaves the communities where the road is passing without the much needed economic ingredient benefit from the road. This excessive lifting also necessitates for expensive service roads for road side access.

This cost for service roads could have been used to lay more tarmac to inaccessible areas. Eg the Southern Bypass has 30km of main highway carriageway and 20km of service roads since plots next to the roads cant use the highway due to its high level from the ground.

The 30km highway could have been designed similar to the Machakos county roads whereby its easy for vehicular access to the road side hence saving on the 20km used for access road. Less excavation and back filling hence lesser costs.

Easy for vehicles to pull over the road side hence economic boost to communities living along the road side. Use of stabilized soil to support a road and lifting of the road surface high away from ground level, probably to protect it from water could be a better way of protecting tarmac from waterwhich erodes tarmac easily. County roads should embrace stabilised soil road base construction similar to Thika road and Southern bypass road construction.

Tarmac Driveways Cost Guide & Advice

The design can be done such that it allows for the road to interact and offer easy access to lands next to the road for ease of economic empowerment of the communities living and doing business by the road sides. With stabilised soil bases, a thinner layer of bitumen cover can be used or concrete bamburi blocks laid on top as the cover.

This will go a long way to ensure locally produced building materials are used in Kenya, creating employment to many.

Architect Francis Gichuhi. University of Nairobi. Registered Architect, Kenya. Member, Architectural Association of Kenya. I graduated with a bachelor in quantity surveying in from Technical university of Kenya and scored a second class honors upper division. Works for a county road. I was just about to comment the same. For a highway, access to the road should be well designed and control to facilitate traffic flow at optimum speeds.

America and Chinese standards are not the same!!! Everyone knows Chinese standards are very very low!!To the untrained eye Tarmac and asphalt seem to be the same.

Costs of highway works

Driveway installers generally use asphalt more than Tarmac as its more convenient, but most people use the terms interchangeably. Tarmac is one of the cheapest and most popular driveway surfaces, both in material and installation costs. In fact, the following table shows how the price compares with other common surface finishes.

Remember, your new Tarmac driveway will cost more than just the surface finish. Excavating the driveway and laying foundations has to be paid for too. An average domestic driveway in the UK measures about 50 m 2. Tarmac resurfacing costs will vary, however depending on the quality of the mix. If the contractor owns the equipment needed to lay your driveway, then their costs will be included in the quotation. Otherwise typical equipment hire costs are as follows.

Also, remember that the price per square metre to lay a new Tarmac driveway will vary depending on where you live. The average cost to Tarmac a driveway in London and the South East will be far more expensive than the remainder of the UK.

There are also other considerations that will be factored into the quotation for Tarmacking your drive, and you must be aware of these. Unfortunately, the Tarmacadam driveway industry has many unqualified workers trying to charge you for a substandard job. They will try to tempt with a cut-price job. Although Tarmac is considered a cheap option for a driveway surface, its cheapness is one of its biggest advantages.

Tarmac will also degrade under the effects of ultraviolet light, eventually causing cracks and potholes. The bitumen in the surface covering, being a hydrocarbon, will dissolve and evaporate if it comes in contact with lighter oils such as diesel or paraffin.

Weeds and moss are always a problem, no matter what surface your driveway has. You will find, however, that they grow through the Tarmac surface. Moss and algae will usually grow in shaded areas that are always damp, and will eventually cause a dangerously slippery surface. Seeds easily find cracks in which to take root. And, in this case, the best you can do is to remove the weeds when they become a nuisance.Whether you are looking to install a new driveway or maintain your existing one, you will need to know about the average driveway installation cost.

Our guide will help you get a better understanding of how much you should expect to pay. Only then will you be able to harness the many benefits that driveways provide — increased parking space, decreased weed growth, and better overall value for your home. These driveways are usually created by dunking a load of gravel and leveling it. Gravel driveways are cheap but require a lot of maintenance to keep it clean and to remove small dust and leaves that gather on your driveway.

This type of driveway is not suitable for children because they can choke or dig into your gravel and the gravel is too sharp for their feet. This type of driveway looks a lot like a tarred road and is constructed by tarring or cementing a gravel sheet. It is much cleaner than gravel driveways and many agree that it looks better than concrete driveways. This is probably the most popular driveway because it can be modified in several styles to look fantastic.

Also known as paving, this type of driveway needs to be constructed correctly for a lasting effect. Brick driveways are popular in residential units and can be altered much easier than concrete or asphalt driveways. The bricks can also be recycled into buildings if you decide to change your yard or driveway later on. Brick driveways require a lot of de weeding to ensure plants do not end up damaging your driveway.

Table borrowed from Unilock. In the majority of cases, the overall cost associated with building a driveway will depend on the following factors:.

Below you will find relatively accurate estimation on driveway cost for Gravel, Asphalt, Concrete and Brick driveways. Depending on your requirements, there are multiple factors that can affect the cost of a gravel driveway installation such as the condition of the site and its size, land clearing, any special equipment, the material and amount of work required.

A base is the foundation of a durable driveway. Therefore, the selection of the right material is of great importance. Depending on the material that will choose expect to pay:. Saving Tip: Mix on site cement costs one-third of the estimated average cost of ReadyMix cement.

road construction cost per m2

Expect to spend a lot more if you need excavation work and to lay a sub-base. Depending on your requirements, there are multiple factors that can affect the cost of a concrete driveway installation such as the condition of the site and its size, land clearing, any special equipment, the material and amount of work required.

Versatile design: Concrete paving slabs are available in a huge number of colors, to ensure your home exterior looks appealing. Pattern stamping is a way of making the concrete look like brick, tile, cobblestone or other patterns at a fraction of the cost. Patterns, textures and styles: Concrete is available in a wide variety of patterns and textures, making it far more versatile than other driveway materials, such as tarmac. Concrete slabs come in various sizes, this gives them all the decorative look and feel that usually comes with brick, slate or stone.

Durable: Concrete is incredibly tough and long-lasting. It is not uncommon for a concrete driveway to last thirty years or more with only minimal maintenance; it will need replacement, repair and refinishing much less frequently than asphalt or gravel driveways.

Concrete does not need resurfacing or resealing and debris such as dirt or snow are easy to clear off the drive. Cost efficient: Although the initial costs of installing a concrete driveway are not the cheapest, the low maintenance costs over its lifetime will often mean that it works out cheaper than other driveway materials in the long term. Eco-friendly : concrete is made up of renewable materials and can also be made from recycled materials, making it more eco-friendly than other driveway materials.

When a concrete driveway has reached the end of its lifespan it can be recycled into concrete aggregate.