Z 40

Considered a violent and dangerous criminal, he was one of Mexico's most-wanted drug lords until his arrest in July His fluent English and experience of moving contraband along the U. Aroundhe was appointed as the regional boss of Los Zetas in Nuevo Laredo and was given the task to fight off the forces of the Sinaloa Cartelwhich was attempting to take over the lucrative drug trafficking routes to the United States.

Foto Inédita de los Zetas del 2010, 10 psicópatas, Z 40, Z 42, Z43, el Ardilla y mas

InLos Zetas gained their independence from the Gulf Cartel, their former allies, and both organizations went to war with each other. The Mexican authorities believe that he is responsible for a significant part of the violence in Mexicoincluding the murder of 72 migrants in and the massacre of people in A common torture method of his was known as el guiso stewin which victims would be dumped into oil barrels, doused with gasoline or diesel fuel, and burned alive.

As a teenager, he began to work for Los Tejas, a gang that ran the criminal activities in his hometown of Nuevo Laredo. He was hired by them and the Gulf Cartel in the late s for his experience moving contraband across the border.

The Laredo—Nuevo Laredo area is a lucrative smuggling route for narcotics because of the Interstate 35 highway, which serves as a strategic pathway to San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas for future drug distribution.

While in power, he orchestrated a number of assassinations in American cities and in Mexico by young U. These recruits, sometimes called Zetitas "Little Zetas"usually joined organized crime as young as twelve-years old to work first as smugglers and later as paid assassins.

The latter cartel concentrated its efforts in northeastern Mexico, becoming dominant there. Los Zetas started to expand into other criminal activities beyond drug trafficking. An unnamed U. He bribed and intimidated officials to help maintain control, and responded to any challenges to his authority or control with brutal violence.

He also said that the drug lord would ask his victims how they wanted to be killed. To escape law enforcement notice, he used "caravans" of purported businessmen and religious persons. In the northern part of the country, he reportedly maintained a close tie with a number of politicians. While in prison in Mexico, he reportedly coordinated the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas from his prison cell.

Hand over the assassin of my friend, you son of a bitch You have until the 25th, if you don't comply, there will be war.

Miguel Treviño Morales

It managed to take control of most of the territories owned by the Gulf Cartel when they had essentially served as a single organization. Though he did not call out any names, he stated that someone within Los Zetas had betrayed him. A second faction from Los Zetas, known as Sangre Zeta Zetas Bloodalso broke up from the organization to join forces against him.Chivis: Excellent article.

Thank you for posting. Senor Corchado's piece on Z40 was very informative. In particular, I love the quid pro quo ending--he was angry with his U. If these narcos are going to be stopped, it's going to be due to people who actually care. The silver lining is that Senor Corchado gets the scoops and documents the facts accurately.

By the way: nice job on the background information on Decena and especially Pizana--I didn't even know Z2's name until I read this article. El chapo guzman vale pa pura verga es un rata y traidor el hijo de su puta madre.

Mexican Officials were on the verge of letting this scumbag buy his way out scott free. Guaranteed he was within minutes to hours of being just another capture rumor. There was a massive behind the scenes power play going on between U. S and Mexican officials with them mexico not sure on how to proceed once massive rumors started to flow on the U. S media circuit. I would have missed this had it not been posted here. Amazing read. Sounds like another book however for Corchado, and when will we see yours?

A couple comments: 1. The individual that stated that the press coverage was instrumental in ensuring that Trevino was not able to buy his way out is spot on. I know of numerous cases in which kidnappers or traffickers were apprehended, only to be let go by offering to leave without the piles of cash in the room.

Someone mentioned bail a while back. Under the Mexican Penal Code, bail is calculated in the following manner. The minimum and maximum sentences for any given offense are added to together e.

If the resulting total is over five years, no bail fianza is permitted. De tanto desmadre que hizo se quedo medio loco toda la gente que mato toda la gente que se trago a mi que se enfermo de una enfermedad mental relacionado con el antisocialismo.

Como agrofobia o ataques de panico miren sus fotos de su detencion miren su rostro no se miraba saludable que por eso se mantenia drogado o borracho todo el tiempo. Dude, that book is faction. Just to make money and make Z 40 look like Hitler. Even tho Z 40 is shit himself.Valen verga todos ustedespinches narcos pendejos no tienen nada de tacticas al igual que Los putos soldados de mierda Mexicanos, si fuera yo que estubiera inbulucrado ya hubiera matados a todo esos pendejos.

Word on the street is that Z was killed, burned on July 16 in Nuevo Laredo while a terrorist act where a city bus collided with a narco-truck while a planed ongoing gang fight resulting in a shooting and grenades use.

There are pictures over the net where you can see Z burned, or so was reported by the Televisa news. Dejame preguntarles a ustedes que leyen este blog desde Mexico.

En mi opinion, No existe un narco bueno. Para mi, esa idea es una tonteria que se los venden los pesados del los carteles: ellos son los unicos que viven muy bien en estos tiempos tan dificil. Y con muy buena razon: A ellos no les importan ni sus ninos. Solo aman el dinero.

Miguel Angel Treviño, alias ‘Z40’

Eso es la verdad. Lo juro. Anonymous is absolutely right, Trevino was never in the military and he did work for Arturo Martinez back in the day. He was slinging "Mex Mud" over in Laredo for Arturo and his hermanos. How he hooked up with the Z's was through C.

Si es que existe este bastardo quisiera encontrarmelo ap hijo de puta, para partirle su madre ojo nomas soy un ciudadano. I dont think alot of people would like to have beef with this guy,you know being a GAFE and all. This guy is without a doubt a "Stone Killer" but don't make him out to be some Super Man. The people who he decapitates have their hands tied behind their backs! This guy is really nothing but a peice of shit and why he's alive is because he's got money and he's a "Informer" to both the DEA and AFI.

Bueno me da mucha tristesa de lo que esta pasando pero es la realidad y ala vez me da mucho coraje por estan matando mucha jente inocente que no tiene nada que ver y quierrn aser dinero es problema de ellos y en realidad no sabemos si es el verdadero Trevino con eso que ay tanto chisme no se a quien creerle.

Z is a true ruthless zeta cartel he puts a lot of work and he is the powerful drug king pin in the world. Sry ass fcknscums needa get a fckn job as well as those low life fckn gang members ain't worth shit.

Jajajja- este menso no le llega a los talones al Lazca. Es obvio que lo quiere imitar. Solo miren la foto en traje, no mames buey!! Comments are moderated, refer to policy for more information. Born November 18, Labels: los zetassicarios. Anonymous April 20, at AM. Anonymous April 24, at AM. Anonymous April 26, at PM.

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z 40

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z 40

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z 40

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